Agency Partner Selection

  • AD-OPS provides a comprehensive turnkey service to our clients for the selection and management of agencies and their suppliers. This ‘beginning to end’ offering is informed by two key issues that we identified in our clients’ environments.
    • Firstly, agency briefs were not as clear-cut and exact as they could be. This was causing numerous problems and delays further down the line.
      It is vital for the client to know what kind of agency he or she needs. We make them answer questions such as “how big a fish in their pond do you want to be?” this gives us guidance on the size of the agency required. “Do you need a very creative agency?” this is especially important if the client is very prescriptive. “how much conceptual work do you need?” this would be more expensive than just call-to-action type work “how much design vs dtp type work do you have?” “what are your strategic needs?” “how complex is your approval process”, “do you need international intel?” also.
    • Secondly, we find that our clients need assistance but not necessarily expensive proprietory tools.
      Our clients usually have extensive procurement processes but not always the know how or the time to manage an agency pitch.
      Start from secondly, but take out secondly and start sentence with .. We found….
      This is why … take out turn key… and carry on with This is why we place huge value on knowledge transfer and walking the pitch process path hand in hand with the procurement team.
      We use our client’s procurement process and adapt it to fit the agency pitch environment.
      You can then carry on with what is there….Our approach is highly flexible….. right to the end.
      Sometimes we act as the procurement department if our clients don’t have access to one. As we said, we are flexible!
  • Our turnkey approach therefore also includes supporting our clients on pitches by agencies and then providing the information they need to make informed evaluations and decisions.