Centralised Reporting

  • Most of our clients spend is fragmented across brands, countries, media channels and suppliers.
  • Without centralised reporting, it is extremely difficult to have an accurate holistic view.
  • This makes identifying inefficiencies and opportunities difficult.
  • The client therefore cannot effectively answer the following critical questions:
    • How do I know what we are spending? Trends year on year? Opportunities for volume deals.
    • How will I be able to show convincingly that we have met efficiency targets if I can’t compare data back to a benchmark?
    • How do I negotiate KPI’s for risk and reward remuneration models when we don’t know how well we did the previous year?
    • What information will I use when I negotiate next year’s fees?
    • How do I know the agency’s claims are valid for an increase in resource and fees without my own set of reliable information?
    • How do I avoid the risk of overspending, when the agency raises additional costs due to having incurred higher resource actuals vs agreed and paid for? Or if the agency missed out cost estimates that need to be invoiced prior to fiscal end?


“Our set of specialist services is integrated, holistic and strategic.”