• Mediation is sometimes essential in disputes when preservation of the relationship between client and agency must be maintained because of ongoing interests – and our clients’ business. South Africa is increasingly following the international trend to move disputes out of the courtroom and into meeting rooms. They become private processes which are time- and cost-effective, and confidential. AD-OPS founder and lead consultant, Angelika Kempe, is a qualified and certified facilitator, negotiator, mediator and arbitrator. Angelika achieved these qualifications in 2014 after completing a programme hosted jointly by the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa and the University of Pretoria.
  • Mediation is preferable to litigation as it is more time and cost effective, as well as confidential too.
  • Bringing AD-OPS in well before relationships become adversarial is obviously recommended. We assist our clients and their agency/ agencies in reaching consensus as part of our goal to provide a mediation process that leads to a win-win resolution and solution.