Performance Management

  • AD-OPS views performance management as a constructive and powerful mechanism for clients and their agencies to improve their working relationship, maximise output and ensure marketing success.
  • This informs our specialised approach to performance management which is two-way, transparent and highly consultative.
  • We use our specially-devised performance management template that our client and their agencies fill out. AD-OPS then compiles, assesses and shares the results, giving everyone an opportunity to review the document in their own time, before a face-to-face session is held.
  • We ensure that these sessions are constructive, unlock barriers that are impeding efficiency and delivery are solutions are mutually-agreed.
  • The process is always rigorously documented. We ensure it is understood and ‘owned’ by all players. In this way, our clients and their agencies work better together for better results on a consistent basis.
  • AD-OPS recommends two performance reviews annually for maximum impact on our clients’ marketing successes.